Skyeboy’s year 2012

Part 1- Intro
Part 2- Ilhas Selvagens - 2:51
Part 3- UK Comps - 3:49
Part 4- Canary Islands/Morocco - 6:19
Part 5- Maui 9:55

The 5th and final part of the video, with a section from Maui. Some great footage from the helicopter thanks to Maui Nerd, plus the standard credits/crash section, which is probably the best bit! Massive thanks to Tam Mullen for a lot of the Maui stuff. If you have seen the rest already you can skip straight to 9:55. Hope you enjoyed the whole movie and lets see what next year brings.

Part 4 has been a little bit late. Our daughter Lily was born on 3rd November, so this video was pretty low down on my priorities. It is not quite as polished as I hoped, but hopefully I can tweak it a bit over the next week ready for the final Part 5 upload. This part features action from Tenerife, Gran Canaria and from our yearly Wave Camp in Moulay, Morocco.
29/10/12.Just added the second Chapter of my video, including parts 2 and 3. Part 2 is from a trip we did last summer to the Savage Islands, which lies between Maderia and the Canaries. We did an 11km crossing between the big and the small islands. Part 3 is from the UK comps, starting with last years Tiree, then Rhosniegr and Brandon Bay this May. If you are watching it on the vimeo page and don't want to see the Intro again you can click the time codes above and go straight to the new chapters. Next week, Monday 5th November, a new chapter: Canaries and Morocco.
22/10/12 I have been a bit slack with the videos over the last year. I never quite seemed to get enough footage from each trip to put something together, but suddenly I realised my hard drive was nearly full of random clips from all over the world and from loads of different people. So whilst away in Klitmoller and Sylt this year I started to put it all together and make something from it all. As its taken me so long to get it done, I thought I would spread it out over a few weeks. So starting today (Mon 22/10/12) we have Chapter 1 - "Intro" and then each week I will add another chapter.

Hopefully it works OK and hopefully you enjoy it all.


John and Nayra’s Wave Camp 2012 – Moulay – Week 2

The second week of this years Wave Camp in Moulay, and once again the conditions fired. In fact to be honest I think we had a bit too much wind. Everyone was dying after a few days. Great thing about Moulay is that even when its howling, there is always a part of the day that is a bit more forgiving. This week saw every single person try a forward. That is the first time ever for one of our wave camps. Not all of them were caught on film, but the effort everyone put in was outstanding. Check out the video, hope you enjoy it and check out for details of next years camp.

John & Nayra’s Wave Camp 2012 – Moulay – Week1

Another fantastic week in Moulay. Great conditions with wind almost everyday and a really nice group of people. Good fun and nice conditions. Nayra unfortunately missed out on the fun this year, but Tatsy filled the spot in great style. If you fancy some fun next May in Morocco, check out

John Skye – Spring 2011

Another year, another video. Same spots, new action. South Africa, Maui and Morocco were insane this year and hopefully this collection of clips will show that. There are also some extras from our trip to Namibia throw in. Enjoy.

John and Nayra’s Moulay Wave Camp 2011

Another Wave Camp in Moulay and another huge success. Many thanks to the guys at the Bouj Centre and the new Lawamas restaurant. Check out the video featuring all the clients from the 2 weeks and if you like what you see check out to find out the dates for next year in both Morocco and South Africa.

Skyeboy’s Year 2010 – Part 3 (Animal Edit)

Animal asked me to make a shorter more dynamic cut of my last video and as I just bought a new computer I got quite into it. This is the first time I got a bit tricky with After Effects. Note the Maui in the clouds at 2:00 and the logos at the beginning. Anyway, like always, hope you enjoy it

Skyeboy’s 2010 – Part 3

The very late and final part of my 2010 year. The autumn is always a busy time for contests and last year I was on the road for over a month solid. This video has footage from Klitmoller, Tiree and finally Maui. Hope you enjoy it.

John skye windsurfing – Summer/Autumn 2009

I started this movie in the summer time, but never quite got it finished and kept getting new footage to add on. So anyway, here you have all the action from the last 6 months. Gran Canaria, Fuertevantura, Isle of Wight, Animal Windfest, Sylt, Tiree, Cornwall and Maui!