Born in Luton 28th June 1977, John was introduced to windsurfing through his dad. It was 1990 and ‘Skyeboy’ was 13 years old. Every weekend and after school they used to go and sail on Brogborough Lake. Passing his driving test was freedom, and from that moment on he was at the coast ‘whenever it was windy’ enjoying the conditions and learning to wavesail.

As his windsurfing developed he continued with his studies and ended up at Southampton College. Loving life on the south coast, John lived and breathed windsurfing, enjoying the high UK standard and progressing his sailing further. Keen to get in some proper waves, he then moved to Fuerteventura for a year. The conditions proved to be a valuable training ground in preparation for turning pro.

Since then John has had huge success in both the UK and on the PWA World Tour, competing in Freestyle, Super Cross and Waves. He has travelled throughout the whole world and found his new home. Married to fellow PWA star Nayra Alonso, the couple live on the island of Gran Canaria, where the consistent wind and waves mean between windsurfing, surfing and supping, they can be on the water almost every day. With the birth of their daughter Lily, life can not get much better.


Skyeboy comes over as being a very laid back and friendly character. Yet his quiet and approachable manner by no means conceals or limits his determination on the water. He has established himself as one of Britain’s top windsurfers ever, becoming a popular and respected sailor amongst the top world cup pros and the windsurfing press.

Since the early years competition was always a big part of Johns windsurfing. He has worked his way up the rankings from fun racing on his lake, through the UK National events, to the PWA. His results over the last few years have proved his level is now at the top of the PWA, over the years gaining top 10 ranking in every discipline he has entered on the World tour. On top of this John maintains his roots and continues to compete nationally, claiming multiple UK titles along the way.


Whilst John has a relaxed approach to his windsurfing, he appreciates the professionalism required if he is to compete at the highest level. Off the water he trains hard but always with a smile and relaxed approach. Believing that you can do anything if you work hard at it, he still likes to make sure he really enjoys the journey.

His ambition is to contiue to sail everyday, kick some arse on the world tour and help make great products for RRD. It would appear on all accounts he’s having great success.